What is Wrong with My Hot Water Cylinder?


Unfortunately hot water cylinders can fail at any time…usually when it is most inconvenient like the middle of winter! They can also fail for a number of different reasons. Water may be leaking from the cylinder, the reset button may have tripped, or the pilot light may have gone out. These are some of the most common problems that can happen to a hot water cylinder. When Auckland new hot water cylinder installation is needed, it’s best to call in the professionals. They examine the device, determine where the problem lies, and take the necessary steps to repair or replace the unit. Although replacing hot water cylinder in your Auckland home may seem like a fairly straightforward task, this is one job a property owner should not take on alone.

Heating elements can go bad in a hot water cylinder. This is often due to the build up of sediment, as this buildup prevents the water from heating to the desired temperature. The heating element may also go bad with time. Thankfully, this tends to be a fairly inexpensive fix and a repair that doesn’t take much time. Unfortunately, it may also be the dip tube, a bad thermostat, loose wiring, or a dirty or clogged burner. The issues seen with these devices vary in part by the power source, and this can be confusing to those who don’t work on them regularly.

With many different hot water cylinder systems on the market today, you may find you have worked on a similar type of appliance before but not that specific unit. It can also be difficult for you to decide whether your unit needs to be repaired or replaced. A professional can evaluate the situation, taking into account different factors such as the wear on the unit and the age of the device, before making a recommendation on repair or replacement.

If you find you are in need of a hot water installation anywhere in Auckland, call on Hot Water Pro (www.hotwaterpro.co.nz). They repair or replace hot water systems quickly and efficiently. This is true whether the issue is a faulty system, a leaking cylinder, a lack of hot water, or low water pressure. Fill out the online form and receive a quote within 24 hours. Hot water is a necessity, not a luxury, and the company understands this. They work quickly to you don’t have to do without hot water for a moment longer than necessary.